How do you measure success?

Mar 06, 2023

As an entrepreneur, how do you measure your success?

If we’re honest, I think it’s instinctive to measure our personal success by the performance of our careers, businesses, and the wealth we generate.

After all …

- Big income
- Debt free
- A wonderful family
- Nice house
- Great cars
- Abundant lifestyle
- Own my time
- Generous giving

What’s not to like, these are all rewards that make us feel good about life.

But there's more.

- If you are a follower of Jesus Christ, you are made in God's own image.
- You are part of the body of Christ. He is in you, you are in Him.

He has created you with a plan and purpose for your life. If you are walking out this journey with Jesus, you are successful. And you are a success on the entire journey.

Don't measure your success by my momentary circumstances. That's limiting. I measure success by my entire journey with Jesus, not just the individual chapters of my life.

With God, everything you need is already in your future. That's success.
God is going to finish what He started with you. That's success.
He will make sure you complete what He put you here to do. That's success.

You were made for success.


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