How do we decide what founders and ventures get funded?

Dec 12, 2022

After 16 years of leading my venture studio/turnaround practice, RPM Strategic, God called me to launch CanaGlobal in 2016.

Our mission being to mobilize Godly wisdom, startup expertise, and Kingdom capital into disruptive ventures and their maverick founders.

So we developed a Kingdom ecosystem where investors and founders could co-create to build iconic startups.

We meet EVERY founder at whatever growth stage they are at.

- future founders
- founders with a pre-revenue startup
- founders with flat or declining revenue
- founders seeking funding

We have a variety of channels to help every founder, globally.

1. E/School
2. Church for entrepreneurs
3. Venture Studio

But for those founders/ventures who seek funding, how do we decide who gets funded?

It's simple.

Though we have a rigorous vetting process, it's God who decides who comes into our venture studio to be equipped, and then who gets funded.

My message to every faith driven founder responding to the call of God to launch and grow their venture — if it is part of God's plan to co-create with a Kingdom-minded investor, who is pregnant with your capital — there is already a date on the calendar when that check will get cut.

Nothing can stop it from happening, except you.

Only IF you have not created the capacity to receive, by not entering into a state of investor readiness.

You have to reach a state of preparedness.

God is a great investor who will not invest in you if you are too lazy to be prepared. (HARSH)

We only have to be willing to learn. And then God promises to provide the wisdom. James 1:5

AND, allow for the possibility that God's plan might be for you to grow your venture organically, without venture capital and/private equity, at least for the present time.

Too many founders are seeking a shortcut to success.

But be encouraged, if you have aligned your plans with Gods, it's comforting to know that God has NEVER created a plan for man to fail.


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