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Here are the 10 most active VC investors in generative AI

Jun 12, 2024

Founders - Here are the 10 most active VC investors in generative AI. 📈

Sequoia Capital: One of the world’s largest VC firms, has invested in some of the most prominent AI startups like ChatGPT creator OpenAI and legal AI assistant Harvey.

Andreessen Horowitz: Andreessen Horowitz has gone all-in on AI, pledging to back as many startups in the space as possible. Its portfolio includes Pinecone, an AI database and application development startup, and large language model creator Mistral, the French rival to OpenAI.

Pioneer Fund: Investing exclusively in Y Combinator alumni, Pioneer Fund’s portfolio includes BoothAI, an automation startup for e-commerce, and Decohere, an image and video generation company. The firm has a specific AI and ML fund that is run by technical AI founders.

Soma Capital: Soma Capital invests in startups across all verticals and stages with offices around the world. Its AI portfolio includes Cognition Labs, an AI agent developer, and Imbue, an AI systems creator that reached unicorn status in September.

Khosla Ventures: Khosla Ventures founder Vinod Khosla has been a huge champion of AI and was the first VC backer of OpenAI. The firm has backed AI startups across a wide spectrum of areas like Replika, an AI chatbot companion startup, and SketchPro, a design assistant geared toward architects and designers.

Alumni Ventures: Operating university-specific funds across the US, Alumni Ventures has an AI and machine learning fund and has backed some of the biggest startups in the space. Its portfolio includes the large language model developer Cohere as well as Lamba, a GPU cloud computing startup, both of which have achieved unicorn status.

Lightspeed: Lightspeed has invested in some of the most prominent AI startups on the scene. Its portfolio includes Stability AI, the creators the video generation model stable diffusion as well as Snorkel AI, an LLM training platform for the enterprise.

Gaingels: With a mission to promote social change and inclusivity through investing, Gaingels has backed startups like People.AI, an automation platform for e-commerce providers, and Shield AI, which is developing AI pilots.

Tiger Global Management: Tiger Global had made some big bets in generative AI, backing two of the leading large language model creators, OpenAI and Cohere. The firm has also invested in OctoAI, an orchestration startup for tuning and tweaking models.

Greylock Partners: Greylock was founded in 1965 and has backed generative AI startups including Tome, an AI storytelling platform, and Inflection, an AI chatbot creator that was absorbed by Microsoft in an unusual $650 million deal in March.

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