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God's favor on our lives.

Sep 14, 2023

A competitor offered me the CEO role at their company. It’s a pattern that has repeated itself 5x.

One with revenues more than 10x mine offered me the CEO role, a mid 6-figure salary, a 49% equity stake, and 50% of the profits.

The offers have come from competitors and turnaround clients. Eventually, they all end up in our venture studio or become venture partners.

What is it I have that they want? If you ask them they would say my ability to 10x, 50x, or 100x revenue growth.

>> But they would be wrong. Here’s what they all missed.

These moments are only God’s favor in my life.

Do you remember the fishing miracle when Peter had been fishing all night and caught nothing? And Jesus asked their permission to use their boat for marketplace ministry.

And then after He was done, Jesus gave them some simple instructions and the results were miraculous.

They had a lack, and Jesus filled the lack with His abundance.

- Same thing when He fed 5000.

- Same thing when He turned water to wine

Every one of these ventures were up against incredible obstacles. Things had gone south. Flat and declining revenue.

When they invited me in, I was full of Jesus. I don’t have to ask WWJD (what would Jesus do).

Instead, I am empowered to do what Jesus did.

At every venture opportunity we see God’s miracles. It’s not me. It’s Jesus. God has explosive blessings that will remove obstacles, which at the time seem permanent.

But one touch of God’s favor will blast you to the next level of growth. God has 1,000,000 ways to increase you.

I call these my Ba’al-Perazim wins. (“Lord of the Breakthroughs”)

When God is with you, expect the God who is more than enough to show up.


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