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Getting in front of investors.

Jun 05, 2024

Founders, there's a better way to get in front of investors.

 It's not sending cold DMs

 It's not sending cold emails

 It's not attending every Startup & VC event

That's what everyone else is doing without much success. Remember, only 0.05% of startup founders seeking VC actually get funded.

Getting in front of the right investors doesn't have to be so cold and hard.

So what do you do?

There's a better way, it's the same way you should be getting in front of new customers, but instead you will getting in front of investors.

And you can do it right on LinkedIn.

It's borrowing a play from our RevOps playbook, but instead of customer acquisition, it's investor acquisition.

 But first, here's a major mind-shift

 The investors have the problem, not you

 Their problem: 70% of the startups they fund, fail

 Be their solution

Remember, we're entrepreneurs, everything is about problem/solution.

Be the solution. In fact, be a pain killer.

Every founder must be the brand. Every brand must become a movement.

You should be a content creator for your movement, right on LinkedIn. 

Stage #1 - Awareness: Investors become aware of you.

Stage #2 - Understanding: Investors understand what your startup does.

Stage #3 - Interest: Investors begin to see you as a solution to their investment problems.

Stage #4 - Respect: Investors begin to respect you and your brand.

Stage #5 - Trust: Investors begin to trust you and your brand.

(these first 5 stages of their journey can happen just by reading your LI posts)

Stage #6 - Buy-in: Investor "buy-in" to your startup and ask.

Stage #7 - Timing: The timing is right, you are funded.

Remember: Founders fundraise and VCs fundraise. This is how you leverage LI content into demand-generation campaign for your startup.

It's exactly how we attract LPs to our venture studio. We know-how to attract and create interest. In my 22 years of leading a venture studio, I've never once reached out to a LP. 

They come to us.

 Stop Selling

 Start Solving

Borrow this play from our playbook, your life will become much more enjoyable. 


Need help? Reach out.  

- Gerald 

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