Founders who struggle with Work/Life balance — struggle with this.

Jan 04, 2023

99% of entrepreneurs who struggle with Work/Life Balance — struggle with this.

They don't manage their project schedules very well.

If you struggle with this, do what I do.

#1 - Make a list of the major projects you want to accomplish in 2023.

#2 - Prioritize them. (I have a list of 7 major projects)

#3 - Create a Trello Board, lay it out by months. (Jan to Dec)

#4 - Take your major projects and assign them to a particular month when you will begin to plan and execute that project.

#5 - Then make a list of what must be accomplished this month. I call these deliverables.

#6 - Every Sunday I decide and plan what part of my monthly list I will tackle this week. I create and prioritize a weekly tasks list and schedule them around my meetings for the week. (this takes me about an hour every week)

#7 - My schedule for the week becomes completely scheduled. I know what I will focus on EVERY hour of the week. I NEVER schedule anything past 5P. For me that's family time. I don't work after 5p.

#8 - I take Saturdays as my Sabbath, my day of rest. I spend time with family, and God refreshes and recharges me for the following week. Do I talk to God about business? Yes. And some of my best ideas come from that time with God. My wife and I discuss our family and business vision, some of my best ideas come from these conversations.

#9 - If I don't get something done during the week, I immediately reschedule it on my calendar.

#10 - I meet with God every morning for 2 hours. I make time by getting up extra early. We talk, I ask questions, I make requests. When I am present in His presence, I receive His peace, my eyes are opened to His instructions for every area of my life. He instructs me in the ways I should choose.

(regarding #10) - As a Faith Driven Founder, this is the most important thing I will do each day. It's where He equips me for what I will face that day. I bring my Bible and my journal to take notes.

I've been doing this for 38 years as a serial entrepreneurial. I try to work SMART not just hard.

Here's one powerful promise from God which has proved true in my life ... Psalm 25:12-13

- Who, then, are those who fear the Lord?
- He will instruct them in the ways they should choose.
- They will spend their days in prosperity.
- Their descendants will inherit the land.

I challenge you to do this for 90 days to make it a habit. I believe you will create the path to achieve the calling on your life, and the desires of your heart.


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