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Failure and success, they're both impostors.

Jun 21, 2023

From the trenches of entrepreneurship, let's strip away the facade.

The narrative that success is birthed from raw intellect or some mythical strategic advantage? It's a mirage.

The truth is bathed in simplicity: "I stayed the course."

Embedded in these words lies profound wisdom. Staying the course is an essential ingredient to the recipe of life.

Starting a venture is but a single step, the real journey is in persisting through the valleys and resisting the allure of resting on the mountaintops.

Failure and success, they're both impostors.

They're visitors that come and go, but it's your steadfast commitment to the mission that truly matters.

This is your battle, one that requires the unyielding resolve already within you.

Don't let fear or complacency be your downfall. You have what it takes, whether you know it or not​.

And if you’re a faith-driven founder, never forget whose image you were made in.

Show up and never quit.


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