Every iconic entrepreneur has a revenue performance playbook.

Nov 22, 2022

Every iconic entrepreneur has a revenue performance playbook.

It's how they win, over and over. What's in it?

It's the ingredients of their growth.

- how they achieve product-market fit
- how they drive sales
- how they scale a venture

Like a super bowl coach, it's their playbook to win.

And once you've developed yours, you'll take it with you from venture to venture, from team to team.

It's how I've built every venture over the past 38 years. It's how I get the repeat wins.

Outsiders call it luck. Insiders know about I have a system ... AKA the playbook.

The tactics might change, but the strategy and methods are timeless.

Every great heart surgeon has a winning playbook.
Every great trial litigator has a winning playbook.

Here are ingredients of my revenue performance playbook:

1. A MODEL: I have a simple method to vet business/revenue models. Like a MRI, it exposes the cancer.

2. A BRAND: I have a precise method to bulletproofing a brand/message.

3. A DIGITAL ECOSYSTEM: I understand the critical ingredients of a digital content strategy built around a buyer journey roadmap. It's the fuel for the rocket ship, an endless supply of leads/opportunities.

4. A CUSTOMER ACQUISITION SYSTEM: A precise marketing and sales blueprint with very defined pipeline stages.

I have a blueprint for launching and scaling ventures. It's my revenue performance playbook.

82% of founders miss this. They might hire a team with a variety playbooks, but they have yet to full develop their own. It's like trying to combine 20 recipes into one.

A mess.

Whatever you do, if you are a founder, develop your revenue performance playbook.

It's part of equipping and funding founders and their ventures.


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