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Every founders' original idea is flawed.

Apr 18, 2024

Every founders' original idea is flawed. 

If you go-to-market before you do this, you're screwed! 

Every entrepreneur launching a business starts out with an idea. What most don't know is that the idea is deeply flawed 

They all are — at first

Experienced entrepreneurs/investors know they have to take the original flawed idea through a systematic process (a vetting) before the idea becomes viable. 

But most entrepreneurs don't know that. It's the same reason a chef always kneads the dough first. It's a systematic process.  

So inevitably, if you proceed with a flawed idea, unbeknownst to you everything after is also flawed. 

- Your brand never fully develops

- Sales and marketing will always fail. 

- If you're bootstrapping, you won't make money. 

- If your trying to raise capital, you won't get funded

Without ample cashflow, eventually you starve to death. 

It's what happens to 90% of startup founders. They fail slowly and then suddenly. 

I made that same mistake with my first startup. I took a flawed idea to market and took a beating for a full-miserable-year. 

I'm a believer so I went to God and literally begged Him to show me what I was doing wrong. He did. I fixed it and started making money, lots of it. 

Because I didn't have a way to take my original flawed idea into a viable one, I wasted that whole miserable year mastering what "doesn't" work. 

That was 40 years ago. 

Today in both our elevate incubator and venture studio we take the flawed ideas through a two-step process BEFORE we ever go to market. 

#1 - lean business canvas 

#2 - brand positioning 

Through ideation and iteration, the idea goes from v1 (version 1) to v25 BEFORE we go-to-market. When we hit v100, it's like printing money. 

For you learners, we created a digital course called RevOps Academy that will take you through the entire process. (it's free) 

The greatest entrepreneurial mistake you can make is thinking your idea is viable when it's not. That's the rookie mistake. 

Unless you love pain, learn how to knead the dough. Don't double-down on stupid. I mean that in the nicest way! 🙃 




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