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Entrepreneurs: Are you a Vitamin or a Painkiller?

Apr 08, 2024

Entrepreneurs: Are you a Vitamin or a Painkiller?

Vitamins are nice. Painkillers? Essential.

Why do standout brands resemble painkillers more than vitamins? The answer lies in the nature of pain itself—it demands our immediate attention.

Consider this: people rarely, if ever, overdose on vitamins. Yet, they frequently seek out opiates or fentanyl in moments of unbearable pain. This comparison, though stark, highlights a crucial aspect of human behavior.

In the world of business, your target audience isn't just looking for a nice-to-have. They're seeking a solution to end their pain.

Vitamins are nice. They're preventive, optional, often overlooked.

Painkillers? Essential. They solve immediate problems, offering relief when it's most needed. In the bustling marketplace, your brand needs to be the painkiller.


Because when pain strikes, decisions are swift, loyalty skyrockets. People don't just want painkillers; they NEED them. Your brand, when positioned as a solution to acute problems, becomes indispensable.

But how?

>> Understand the pain points. Deeply. Intimately.

Innovate solutions that don't just mask the pain but address its roots.

Communicate clearly, empathetically. Make your value proposition undeniable.

Transforming your brand from a 'nice-to-have' vitamin into a 'must-have' painkiller isn't just about offering a product or service. It's about embedding your brand into the very fabric of your customers' survival toolkit.

It's actually why a became a follower of Jesus Christ, and later a faith-driven investor/founder.

I was in pain. I was stuck. Jesus set me free.


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