Dream Job. Dream Income. Still Possible?

Jun 24, 2021

Dream Job. Dream Income.

Is this still possible?

It always has been ... and still is.

Yet — 70 percent of the U.S. workforce loathe (HATE) their jobs. They only keep them to pay the bills. That's messed up!

You were created by God to have a dream job with a dream income. It's called YOUR CALLING.

In my opinion, the dream job dream income is a choice for ANYONE willing to change their "thinking and doing" to achieve different results.

What does the path to the dream job dream income look like?

  1. Develop a vision of what you want out of life by asking yourself this question: What would you set out to accomplish if you had all the resources and knew you could not fail?
  2. And if you are a believer, do whatever it takes to discover your purpose, God's plan and purpose for your life.

>> What if you're not a believer? Become one.

Why? Because God has uniquely created you with a marketplace calling. It will always lead to a dream job dream income. God created you to co-create with Him and prosper.

Am I say no adversity or trouble? Don't be a dumb-dumb. Of course, you will have trouble. Lots of it.

But with God, you will overcome. You become an outperformer.

If this is resonating with you, if you know you were created to do more than what you are presently doing,

if what you are doing right now is not getting you closer to your dreams and goals — STOP EVERYTHING and pursue your marketplace calling.

What's required?

  1. Help from God - A fresh faith revelation.
  2. Success Mindset - A New way of thinking.
  3. Relevant Skillset - Learn in-demand skills.

Then Pick a Path.

  • As an employee
    As an entrepreneur

The majority of new entrepreneurs who fall into the 45-60 age group concluded that to have a dream job dream income AND achieve their dreams and goals, it was only possible through starting a small business.

This is the fastest growing and most successful generation of new entrepreneurs.

If you are already an outperformer/overcomer (top 5% of society), or you are pregnant with a God-planted dream and realize you've been carrying the baby for way too long (15% of society, you are positioned perfectly to start a business.

With true vision and diligence, you can create the dream job dream income for yourself.

If you need some help or some direction in this area, reach out to me, I'll make time for you on my schedule. [email protected]


How about the other 80%? Sadly they are wannabees. They are overly focused on why they can't, rather than why they can. Pride stops them from advancing.

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