Don't take your Egypt — into your Jericho

Aug 30, 2022

Most of us have gone through a desert season, an Egypt experience, where life didn't work out the way you planned it.

When you are in a desert season it's easy to go into survival mode. A just-get-by mode.

- We tend to lower our expectations of what we want out of life.
- We settle for less than what God has planned for us.

As a result, we live beneath our privilege as children of God.

In fact, many times because God didn't answer our prayers the way we thought He should have, we tend to lower our expectations of what God will do for us.

>> Realize this, you are not defined by your past season, you are prepared by your past season. 

Before you can move into your new season, you'll have to let go of what didn't work out in the previous one.

Quit looking back.

Embrace this SHIFT between life seasons. Develop a THRIVE mentality. New wine. New wineskin.

God warns us that we will experience many difficult times in life. We will suffer. But He promises to use these difficult life seasons to promote us into our destiny. 

He did this with Joseph. He will do this for you.

Shed the burdens of that old season and prepare for a radical shift in your life. A season of God's abundance and prosperity.

Don't take your Egypt — into your Jericho.