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Don't bore the pants off potential investors and customers!

Apr 17, 2023

The pitch deck is how you "carefully craft" your story.

Miss this (most do), and you'll bore the pants off potential investors and customers.

Crafting the "right one" is definitely an endeavor that pays off BIG.

Look, it's hard work to get the meetings, quit blowing it!

Every single day I get invited into zoom meetings where …

- Startups founders pitch their ventures for a round of funding
- Revenue teams pitch their product/service for us to buy/subscribe

The winners put in the time to “carefully craft” their stories into pitch decks.

The amateurs miss this and wing it — they become windbags. So BORING!

(I want to cut them off and get off the call)

Whether you are pitching investors or new customers, the process of crafting the pitch deck will shape your thoughts and what comes out of your mouth.

>> It will determine your win rate.

Even when you aren't using it, it will shape how you tell your story.

Investors and buyers can be cynical, critical and brutal.

So don’t blow this!

The contents of your pitch deck will begin to drive your social media content and conversations.

Remember …

- Investors love to invest.
- Buyers love to buy.

Make it easy for them to fall in love with your story.

So don't be bitter. Be better.

After all, winners love to win!


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