Do you know the difference?

Dec 21, 2022

Do you know the difference between an entrepreneur who is optimistic and one who is just a wishful thinker?

The wishful thinker has bad judgment. What they think is going to happen, rarely does.

The deals they think are going to close, never do.


Usually a lack of strategy and planning.

But spiritually, the wishful thinker not only lacks wisdom, but is too prideful to go to God for wisdom.

And they have a track record to prove it. (Ouch)

They are what we call, all hat — no cattle.
Or my favorite — clouds with no rain.

Let's be optimistic, trusting God for our plans and then allowing Him to establish our steps.

Let's seek Him for wisdom, the wisdom He promises to give us freely in James 1:5.

Remember, what ever the fruit it, the root is.


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