Do You Fake It — till you make it?

Mar 08, 2022

Do You Fake It — till you make it?

If you do, how do you get past the Imposter Syndrome?

Stop faking it and do this instead ...👇

If you play golf you'll relate to this. If you don't play, just fake it while I make my point.

When you first started playing you didn't want to look like a newbie, so you bought the coolest golf threads, the most expensive weapons of mass destruction you could get past your wife ... you supply the landscape with the most expensive Pro V1s. (not sure what the ladies do)

OK, you get it. Like entrepreneurs, many golfers are trying to look the part, they're faking it till they make it. And as soon as they hit the ball they are exposed.

And for entrepreneurs,

- we are exposed when our revenue fails to manifest.

- when our innovative ideas fail to achieve product-market fit.

- when we are failing in our pursuit of happiness.

Boy and girls, this is only a stage of the entrepreneurial mountain climb.

I want to normalize this stage.

But until you experience the views from the top of the mountain, you'll battle feelings of insecurity and most certainly the inevitable Imposter Syndrome.

And if you are an innovator, daring to do what hasn't been done, you'll experience a loneliness few can understand.

Especially if you are blazing a new path to disrupt the status quo.

I know. I've launched and grown six fast-growing businesses for myself, and many more for my business turnaround and growth partners.

- Multiple INC 500s
- Deloitte Technology Fast 50
- Business Journal Top 25

Not bragging, just sayin'.

I've climbed the mountain many times.

I'm climbing it right now.

The mountain has ZERO respect for my credentials, awards or experience.

Every-time it screams at me with its menacing voice ...

>> I will taking you down this time.

>> This time you will fail.

>> I will humiliate you and destroy you.


And it's easy to fake it till you make it.

And IF you do, you will feel like an imposter.

And if you do, the odds are you will fail.


What do you call someone who is stuck on the entrepreneurial mountain, God sees them, offers his help, and they flat out reject Him.

Can somebody yell out, "A prideful idiot preparing to fail!"

Thank you.

👉  This is what I do.

I call what is not as though it were.

This is a biblical principle that for thousands of years, great men and women of faith used to conquer their mountains.

I don't FAKE IT ... I FAITH IT.

I see and declare the end from the beginning.

This 👇

Isaiah 46:10 NIV - Declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times the things that are not yet done, saying, My counsel shall stand, and I will do all my pleasure.

When you know who you are, because God's says you are, you are.

This is about Identity.

It requires faith ... but you'll never have to fake it!


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