Discouragement is a Destiny Killer

Sep 07, 2022

Discouragement is a Destiny Killer.

And you must Eradicate It from your life.

When one pursues God-planted dreams and goals, the journey will always be harder and take longer than you thought possible.

This is the journey of a changemaker. It's how ordinary believers become extraordinary history-makers.

- You will experience delays, denials, and disappointments.
- You'll have to fight while you create and build.
- You may become weary.
- Your unmet expectations can cause you to become discouraged.

But don't let discouragement rob you of your destiny.

Discouragement is the evidence of satan's lies. It's a full-on assault against your destiny.

Stay discouraged too long and you will begin to lose hope. Proverbs 12:12

If you want to be prosperous and successful in your calling, you'll have to take charge of your emotions and eradicate all discouragement from your life.

God commands us to be strong and courageous, to not be afraid, to not be discouraged — because He is with us. Joshua 1

But HOW?

Take responsibility for your thoughts and words. Eliminate all thoughts and words that are contrary to God's promises over you.

That means you'll have to know God's biblical promises for you. There are over 6000.

This is how you break free from discouragement.

Believe God when life's easy AND when it's hard. Romans 8:28

If God promises you something, He will do it. He will do it His way and on His timeline.

Never forget He has chosen you, He is with you, He offers you His joy and peace, fill your thoughts and words with His Word.


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