Aug 29, 2022

Can you foresee a time when you and your entire business are totally deplatformed by the BlueStack (Big Tech, Gov, Banking) because of your biblical beliefs?

- A time when your domain is seized.
- When no one will host your site.
- When your bank and financial payment processing deplatform you.
- When your bank accounts are seized.
- When you are banned from social media.


All this is less of a conspiracy theory and more of a reality because it's already happening all around us.

If you express an opinion or truth challenging the tyrant's narrative — you might be deplatformed.

If you are an entrepreneur seeking investor capital to grow your venture, no one will touch you.

When Noah built the ark, he knew a storm was coming. The mob thought he was crazy.

When Nehemiah built the wall, same thing.

Fast forward to modern times ... Jesus left us with The Great Commission.

1. To disciple people
2. To disciple nations

Jesus said we would do even greater things in extent than Him. I believe the power of digital gives us the ability to take the Kingdom of God into the marketplace, at scale.

How will we do it if we are deplatformed?

Many of us have quietly invested our capital and resources into building a parallel economy.

- A Tech Ark of Resiliency
- A Wall of Financial and Digital empowerment.
- A Christian Metaverse

Whether you are an investor or a CEO, ask yourself — are you prepared?