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Customer Acquisition Demystified

Mar 10, 2022

Creating revenue is like printing money if and when ...

You understand how to build and execute this ...

A Customer Acquisition System that revolves around this 👇

It must revolve around The Buyer Journey (the buyers preferred steps to purchase).

Think of all the coordinated moving pieces of the puzzle between marketing and sales.

>> The 7 Buyer Journey Steps (think nurturing)

1. How they become aware of you and your brand

2. How they understand what you do

3. How they become interested because you solve a problem they have

4. How you earn their respect for you and your brand

5. How that respect develops into trust

6. How they develop buy-in and budget for your solution

7. How they recognize they are ready to buy ... right now

>> 80% of this journey occurs online.

It happens before they ever speak to you, if they do at all, depending on your marketing and sales process.

The customer acquisition system you build must attract your future customers through a series of inbound and outbound events.

(leads - an opportunity to nurture)

Think digital content (shared, earned, owned and paid), other ad types, SEO, business development, events etc ...) to generate leads.

But how we define leads is changing.

Traditionally the objective of a lead might be to acquire some info and an email address so we can begin nurturing through email marketing or another digital strategy.

But on LinkedIn, a lead might be a connect or a follower. Remember, whether you email or post content, not everyone will open or read your message. This is where algorithms and optimization plays in. Learning this is a must.

(nurturing strategy)

When you comprehend the buyer journey, you create strategic content centered around paving a PATH to solving their problem.

Focus on each one of the buyer journey steps. If you had to create an ad/post message for each stage, what would you communicate in that message.

Choreograph their buyer experience. Make it easy for them.

(conversion strategy)

At some point in the journey, they'll want to know more, they'll want more information, request a meeting, etc..

You will have created a sales process (around buyer journey) to help them buy.

It could be a series of meetings, every customer acquisition event must be anticipated and preplanned.

Lead > Nurture > Sales Process > Purchase

A robust customer acquisition system will have a dashboard scorecard where you can track the movement, costs, velocity and conversion ratios (KPIs) of your marketing + sales strategy.

Once you establish KPIs ... it's rinse and repeat. Like printing money.


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