Can you learn how to be an entrepreneur?

Sep 07, 2023

Can entrepreneurship be learned?

Short answer. Yes.

But the “Yes” is determined by ‘what’ is being taught and ‘who’ it is being taught to.

In my opinion, if you are doing the teaching, teach how to have entrepreneurial success with a great focus on building revenue and profitability.

Teach from a RevOps Playbook.

And then teach to those who are truly willing to learn.

Fact: Most Aren’t.

>> They like doing things that don’t work.

But if you want off-the-charts results, teach/learn how to become a faith-driven founder.

+ How to remove all unbelief from your life.

+ How to operate in your anointed calling.

Then you will have supernatural results.

When you learn how to partner with God, it’s impossible to fail. In fact, you’ll learn how to accomplish the impossible even when it seems you lack the natural ability and resources to accomplish the mission.

+ Ask God to show you what’s going on.

+ Ask God to show you what you must do.

+ Ask God to show you what He WILL do.

The results will be miraculous.

This year I begin my 40th year on the entrepreneurial mountain, my journey has been miraculous.

Think billion-flow. Then flow with God.


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