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Can entrepreneurship be taught?

Apr 09, 2024

Can entrepreneurship be taught?

Some say entrepreneurs are born, not made.

I say you were born to succeed. But whether you do or not is greatly affected by these factors.

- Your willingness to learn entrepreneurship?

- The experience of mentor who is teaching you?

- A systematic iteration process to take your flawed original idea into a viable one.

- Your ability to learn RevOps.

- A mentor or team to collaborate with.

Entrepreneurship is a team sport. Those who are part of a team do way better.

Those who those who mentor-up through accelerators, incubators, venture studios, or the top business schools succeed at a 70% rate.

And the older you are, the odds increase that you will succeed. The average age of the top 1,000 new ventures is 45

I'm in my 40th year, what's my secret? God. 

I co-create with God. I'm on His team. His plans never fail. The Holy Spirit who knows everything, promises to teach us everything

Everything I know how-to-do, I had to learn

To get the "know-how", you have to be willing to "learn-how".

The Bible says "My people perish for lack of knowledge." couldn't be more true.


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