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Build it and they will come?

May 25, 2023

Build it and they will come?

Nope. They don’t. You'll starve.

I’ve been starting and growing things for 39 years.

And real life isn’t like Field of Dreams. That’s a movie.

In real life your segments will only know about you if you tell them.

You’ll have to figure out a Demand Generation strategy around the seven stages of the buyer journey.

80% of that journey will happen on social media.

Then you’ll have to attract them to your website.

When they get there, you have to figure out how you will create opt-ins or CTAs to convert them into leads.

And then, after all that work, you’ll have to create a sales pipeline that will finally close the deal, and make the sale.

Same process whether you are marketing a $50/mo subscription, or landing a $200k/year client.

Add it all up, it’s a marketing and sales strategy called RevOps.

- The strategy
- The technology
- The people
- The tactics
- The data

Demand Generation + Lead Generation + Pipeline Performance.

Zero silos. Everything aligned.

 If you don’t know how, just be willing to learn how.

Dream it, yes. But then do it. GSD it!


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