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Being wrong isn't always bad.

Nov 26, 2023

Being wrong isn't always bad.

Much of the time when I learn something new, it means I was wrong about something first.

This often leads to new opportunities. For instance, Elevate (our pre-studio incubator) was birthed out of me being wrong about what was possible.

The problem we were facing (and still are) was that every month we attract around 18,000 entrepreneurs who are looking for help.

- solopreneurs
- small business CEOs
- startup founders seeking funding
- investors

Only a handful can participate in our venture studio. One of my partners has been harassing me about doing more for the 18,000.

I would argue back ...

We produce a daily email newsletter

We offer free digital courses about everything we do in the venture studio

We create access to us in our weekly Church for Entrepreneurs zooms calls

... isn't that enough?

>> He ignored my excuses and challenged me to do more. 

The problem/opportunity is that it's always been easy for me to spot what struggling entrepreneurs were doing wrong and how to fix the problem, but I lacked the time to work with them. 

I kinda dug into my position and it had become a thorn in my side. When I took this to the Lord asking Him to show me how to help and feed so many who are hungry, God began to show me what was possible.

He had to remind me that He is with me and He is in me. He reminded me who I am in Christ, and what I have in Christ. Then I became consumed with my desire to love more and help more.

I admitted I had been wrong about what was possible, I repented and began to explore solutions and Elevate was birthed.

I would ask myself this question; "I know I don't know how, but if I did, what would I do?"

Honestly, almost everything innovative and disruptive in my life has been birthed this way.

What changed? 

- my thinking 
- my believing 
- my confession of what was possible

What have I learned about being wrong? Embrace being wrong about your problem so you can be right about the solution.

If you are a follower of Jesus Christ, God is with you and He is in you.


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