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Before a business finally takes off ...

Apr 12, 2024

Before a business finally takes off. 

Here's what most miss. 

The reality is most businesses are like the Chinese bamboo plant. It barely grows above ground — for its first four years. 

You hardly see anything happening. 

Even though your water it, fertilize it, make sure it's getting sunlight; it looks like your wasting your time

>> Sound familiar? This is where most give up and quit. Rookie move. 

But what you can't see is that under the ground it's developing a massive root system. The roots are spreading out in every possible direction. 

In the fifth year, once the roots are properly established, the plant will take off and shoot up to as high as eighty feet in the air. 

From zero to eighty feet — all in one year

Before you make a dumb decision based on the "so-called data", make sure you have the data from:  

- above the ground 
- and below the ground 

No matter what it looks like, never give up. 

- Never stop trusting God. 
- Never stop believing God will do what He promised to do in His Word. 

Use your faith to outlast the temptation of doubt, fear or worry. Walk by faith, not sight

Be steadfast. Be Expectant. Keep working your foundation. 

>> Your breakthrough moment is coming! 


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