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Jun 07, 2023

I really don't know how to grow a business without God.

38 years ago I launched my first startup.

For 1 year it was a mess. That's when I invited God into my business.

I asked Him to be my business partner.

For quite a few years after that I was probably a lousy business partner to Him.

I made a whole lot of decisions without asking Him, and many times without listening to Him.

But over time I learned how to trust Him, to hear Him, and obey Him.

I learned how to ...

#1 - be led by the Spirit
#2 - seek wise counsel
#3 - count the cost

He has always blessed the works of my hands.

Today, I'm empowered to succeed and prosper in everything He has called me to do.

- I am born of the Spirit of God
- I am filled with the Spirit of God
- I have been given the Word of God

What God is doing in me, He will do in you.


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