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Be both a thermometer and a thermostat in business.

May 17, 2024

The startup school of hard-knocks has taught me how to be both a thermometer and a thermostat in my ventures. 

I've had to learn how to understand what's going on, and how to change it

- What's the temperature? (truth) 
- How do I change it? 

We mostly mess with our thermostats when we want to change the temperature because we are getting uncomfortable, right? 

In business, when I'm not seeing the expected progress, I want to know what's going on and what to do about it. 

Otherwise I might end up like the proverbial frog in the boiling water.  

Someone said there are three kinds of entrepreneurs.  

Those who watch things happen 

Those who make things happen 

Those who say "what happened?" (the frog)  

So here's what I do. I go to God with three questions.  

#1 - Lord, show me what's going on. Show me truth. The temperature. 

#2 - Lord, show me what to do. Am I waiting on you or are you waiting on me? 

#3 - Lord, remind me of what you promise to do for me. 

My entrepreneurial pursuits have always been a response to a particular calling God has placed on my life.  

God's business first. 
My lifestyle second. 

Kingdom entrepreneur > Lifestyle entrepreneur 

This has given me deep purpose in all that I do. This is how I navigate my life journey. 

>> pro tip: make time with God the first meeting of your day. Watch how clear things become for you.   


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