As a Faith Driven Founder, this will happen to you.

Dec 26, 2022

When you embrace your CALLING as a Faith Driven Founder, this will happen to you.

God will use YOU and your VENTURE to transform your community AND the world.

How? What you do and how you do it will allow you to ...

- Win souls
- Equip others
- Transform nations

So far satan has been winning this race. Look around at the works of satan ... everywhere. He has been great at discipling people and nations.

But God commands that the gate of hades will not prevail. Jesus already defeated satan.

So satan, we put you on notice — your winning days are over!

It's now our job to enforce what Jesus won at the Cross.

God commands us to disciple nations.

To Him, we are all ALL ministers of the gospel.

Be faithful and multiply, fill the earth and govern it.

How? By doing the work as a Faith Driven Founder effectively.

YOU were created for this!


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