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As a faith-driven founder, this is success defined.

Apr 11, 2024

As a faith-driven founder, this is success defined.

It's understanding God's call ...

- on my life
- on my business

... and then doing it.

Success is understanding God's plan and purpose for me, in every season and assignment, and then walking out the journey with God, hand-in-hand.

That's success.

Most of us will work 100,000 plus hours in our career. When you are walking out your calling, your work is worship to God. 

How? We work as unto the Lord carrying out His great co-mission.

As a faith-driven founder, my entrepreneurial plans are from God.

I carry out His plans.

Now ....

I've had to learn how to balance

- my roles
- my calling

I can walk and chew gum. It's not one or the other.

My roles: A husband, a father, a son, a friend, leader and teacher

My calling: Helping faith-driven investors and founders to succeed the same way

Do you see the difference?

Through my calling in the entrepreneurial space, I'm a Kingdom builder. When I do my calling/assignments I bring light into darkness

- I win souls
- I disciple thousands
- Together, we disciple nations

For me, this is success as a faith-driven founder.


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