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Are You Woke or Awaken?

Jul 11, 2022

We are equipping a Patriot Army of Activist Entrepreneurs.

They are driven by Faith, Purpose, Freedom and the Kingdom of God.

They are the remnant of this Greater Awakening.

Throughout history when the children of God fell asleep, unaware what the enemy was doing on their watch, putting their personal peace and prosperity ahead of God's will for that time — God allowed a great shaking.

God shook their peace and prosperity. Usually with shortages and famine-like conditions. Sound familiar?

What followed was an awakening.

Fast-forward to today, The Ekklesia (body of Christ) has awakened to the plot of the enemy. The great reset.

Globalism, One-World Government, Klaus Schwab's World Economic Forum and their 2030 global agenda. And the goat nations, global companies and billionaires are falling in line with the WEF.

It's Babylon — Build Back Better.

We are now in the greater awakening, a time when Christ-followers have awakened. They are the remnant who are resisting wokeness and are instead awakened to God's greater plans.

This awakening has led to a massive repentance (a change of thinking).

And anytime the Church repents, it leads to global revival. This time, the revival is outside the four walls of the church buildings, it's in the marketplace where the first century church began.

It's a continuation of what started in Jerusalem, and Ephesus and beyond.

The church has left the building. The salt has left the salt-shaker.

So what's next?

Reformation and Transformation.

It's the most exciting time to be on the planet, to be a part of God's masterplan unfolding in the marketplace.

Once again, the enemy overplayed his hand.

Welcome to the Greater Awakening.


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