Are You the Reluctant Entrepreneur God is Looking For?

Nov 04, 2020

What would you do with your career "IF" you had all the resources and tools to become a successful entrepreneur? 

  • Work from anywhere … home, coworking space, the beach.
  • Create your own work schedule.
  • Have meaning and purpose.
  • Use your God-given talents and strengths.
  • Design your dream job and dream income.

With God’s help, you can.

A good portion of our startup founders at CanaGlobal's entrepreneurial accelerator had found themselves in a career-crisis before deciding to launch a startup.

Most were 50 plus, stuck in career transition without a job, finding themselves unable to land a new gig with pay commensurate to their experience. So as a last resort, they began exploring the idea of starting a business. Mostly in the services sector.

We call them, the reluctant entrepreneurs.

Could this be you?

At CanaGlobal, our focus is connecting the dots between business, purpose, success and faith. We seem to reach these dreamchasers who are open to the idea that they were meant to do something greater than what they are currently doing.

And if God is offering help, they’ll take it.

In this economy, businesses have developed a taste for part-time and freelance workers. These companies are prospering by hiring fewer and fewer people into full-time jobs. But freelancers who lack true entrepreneurial skills (customer acquisition systems) continue to struggle.

If you intend to prosper, you’ll have to disrupt your approach to that dream job.

Most Americans want a dream job and a dream income. They want to do something that matters, something with purpose. But the sad reality is that few are achieving it (about 30 percent). People are tired of being stuck. Or as I say, they are “sick and tired of being sick and tired”.

It’s time to get UNSTUCK people!

In case you haven’t noticed, the job landscape has radically changed. You either change with it, or get left behind. It’s a choice for everyone who demands success in their life.

People without in-demand skills will “have to” learn these skills if they want to get unstuck. It’s amazing how much you enjoy your work when you are well-paid and appreciated as a result of being sought-after.

And to older job seekers (40s, 50s, and 60s) with skills, welcome to gig economy. Sorry, you might of aged out. Businesses want a younger and cheaper version of you. In fact, they’d prefer the freelancer over the full-time worker. When did all this change? And why didn’t anyone bother to tell you? Right!

50 percent of millennials are already freelancers. Add in everyone else and there are 53 million American freelancers contributing 1.4 trillion to the US economy. But a freelancer is very different than an entrepreneur. An entrepreneur takes their skills to the marketplace as a business, with a modern customer acquisition strategy that will produce abundant revenue and profit.

So how can you get Unstuck?

It starts with being open to changing your thinking. The way we THINK controls what we DO, and what we do controls our RESULTS. Think. Do. Results. (click for video)

If you want to change your results, you have to be willing to change your thinking. Think about this for a moment; your very best thinking has landed you in your present state of stuck. Why would you continue to trust your current thinking?

What stops us from changing our thinking? Pride and ego. After all, why would we limit our future to our past limited experiences? If you want success, you must become a continuous learner.

The landscape keeps changing and we have to make a choice whether we will do anything about it. BTW, not doing anything is a choice. If you are stuck and what to get unstuck … I’ve written a free ebook, Ignite Your Success to help you on your journey.

The fact is boomers are twice as likely as millennials to be planning a new business and when it comes to boomers starting a business, the odds are greatly in their favor.

Older entrepreneurs have the uncanny ability to see the need, or improve upon, a product or service based on practical experience.

Boomer Entrepreneur Statistics

  • 67% are profitable.
  • 76% rate their happiness at an 8+ (1–10 ).
  • Boomers make up half of American business owners.
  • Boomer startups are outpacing all other startups.
  • 50% growth of boomer startups since 2007.
  • Most bootstrapped their startups.
  • The most popular industry is business services.

36 years ago when I launched my first startup, his truth changed my life forever:

My future is not determined by my present circumstances. It’s determined by the size of my dreams, my perception of what’s possible, and God’s plan and purpose for my life.

Time to get unstuck.

- Gerald

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