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Are you enduring a season of financial hardship?

Jul 15, 2022

Maybe you can't understand why God has allowed it to go on for so long.

And you are growing tired from hanging on to the end of your rope — trying not to lose hope.

In my spirit, I hear you loud and clear! I wrote this is for you.

Hold on, help is on the way. Hold on to your hope in Jesus.

>> There is already a date on the calendar when you will experience your financial breakthrough.

Let me share some prophetic words with you, a Word from God Himself about your situation.

- You are about to return to God's stronghold of security and prosperity

- God will restore double to you

- Your finances will be full and overflowing

- You will be compensated for years of financial loss

- You will have plenty and will be satisfied

- You will never be put to shame

- A double portion

- Double for your trouble

Where did I get this Word? I got it from The Word. When you read it, it is prophecy. When you declare it, you prophesy.

I would like for you to meditate (visualize and ponder) on these 4 biblical promises written for you.

I can already hear you saying "But Gerald, those scriptures weren't written to me." That's true, but according to 2 Timothy 3:16 they were written for you. All scripture is God-breathed and meant for you. And according to Isaiah 55:11, no scripture returns void (without result).

Ready? Here they are:

Zachariah 9:12
Joel 2:25
Isaiah 61:7
Job 42:10

- You and I serve a God of restoration.
- These scriptures will cry out to your dry bones.
- Allow them to enter your heart and you'll begin to feel the Lord's joy. - Then declare them over your life.
- Speak them.
- You will be prophesying life into your dry bones.
- Refuse to allow satan to steal these promises from you.

Kick satan out of your finances. He MUST flee. You have the power and authority to bind and loose (Matthew 6:19). Use it.

Then just stand and know I am standing with you in agreement.


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