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Approaching a Troubling Circumstance.

Apr 24, 2023

I’ve discovered two ways to approach a troubling circumstance in my work or personal life

And it's always a choice. I must choose.

As a faith-driven founder/investor, when I encounter a troubling circumstance, I take it to God, FIRST.

But I have a choice ...

>> Door #1 - Complaining

This is what my flesh wants to do, but it only makes my situation worse. When I go to God, I’m careful not to complain.

Why? Because God is the author of my circumstances, so when I’m complaining to Him, I’m actually assigning blame to Him. It’s what the children of Israel did on their journey from slavery to the promised land.

God kept all the complainers out! Except two or three of the original 600,000, they all died in the desert.

It didn’t end up well for the complainers.

Complaining leaves an awful stretch behind. It repels. It leads to victimhood and a perpetual state of being offended.

The fruit of complaining is bitterness. Look around, do you see people offended by everything and angered by anything, look no further than the Godless-Woke-Left, they are angry, joyless, and destroy everything they touch.

Nuff said!

>> Door #2 - Seek Wisdom

95% of the time, when I don’t give into my flesh …

- I ask God to show me what’s going on.
- I ask Him to show me what to do.
- I ask Him to show me what HE WILL DO.

If I claim to be co-creating with God, then I have to be collaborating with Him 24/7.

Folks, this is the secret to joyful and victorious living in my work and life.

Remember …

Thankfulness attracts.

Complaining repels.

What door do you choose?


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