Anything less than the complete truth is essentially a lie.

Mar 15, 2023

If you're not curious for the truth, you'll end up doubling-down on lies — because you were too stupid to ask WHY.

If you lack the curiosity to uncover the truth, you're bound to cling to falsehoods, doubling down on them because you were too foolish to question their veracity.

Every successful entrepreneur knows that their business is built around a problem and a solution, yet the vast majority of businesses fail. Why? Because they lack the inquisitiveness to dig beneath the surface of the problem they're attempting to solve.

Behind every problem lies a complex mix of symptoms and underlying issues. It's essential to have the curiosity to peel back the layers and uncover the root cause of the problem.

Only by discovering the whole truth, which includes both the symptoms and the underlying problem, can you move forward with confidence. Anything less than the complete truth is essentially a lie.

When you build your business model around a partial truth, you're effectively doubling down on a lie. This is where foolishness comes in. Your solutions, target audience, marketing channels, revenue model, branding, RevOps, and product/market fit will all be askew if you fail to investigate the problem fully.

So, be curious. Dig deeper. Ask why. Only by doing so will you uncover the truth and avoid the trap of the big lie.

- Mean Gerry
(what my wife calls me when I write something like this)

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