About Your Thinking ...

Jul 11, 2022

Your very best thinking is producing your present results. And that's whether or not your results are good or bad.

Your present thinking shapes all that you do.

What you are presently doing shapes your results.

If you like your results, keep doing the same thing.

If you don't like your present results — you'll have to change your present thinking to change your results.

This applies to every area of your life ..

- faith
- purpose
- relationships
- health
- finances
- business
- marketing
- sales
- everything

What's the fastest way to change your thinking?

Spend time with God every morning. Spend time in the Word every morning. He will renew your mind.

Only pride and ego prevents us from doing this. That is, when we love our way of thinking — even when the results stink. (stinkin thinkin)


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