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About lies, and the liars.

May 09, 2023

This post is about lies, and the liars.

In business, politics and religion — there are plenty of lies.

And when a person believes a lie, they are blinded from the truth.

They cannot defend the lie because there is no truth in it.

They are actually offended by the truth.

So they suppress the truth.

They cancel the truth-tellers.

Truth gets deplatformed.

And the liars lie about the truth-tellers.

The liars have become unequally-yoked with the father of lies and his cabal of liars.

- The lie always creates offense

- The lie always creates anger

- The lie always accuses

- The lie always distorts

- After all, it’s a lie

And lies — attract other liars.

If you want truth, you have to be able to look past your bias. If you are a spirit-filled Christian, this should be a cinch. For most it is. But sadly, some are blinded by their bias.

If the Bible is your truth, all lies are exposed to those curious enough to want to see the truth.

The father of lies partnered with liars to tell lies about the Prophets, John the Baptist, The Disciples, the Apostle Paul, and Jesus.

They killed them.

Of course we know what Jesus did at the cross and resurrection.

Today, many in business, politics and religion still believe a lot of lies.

You hear them all from satan’s prophets, the fake news.

Here’s my message to you. If you’re not sure about what’s true, just ask God. He promises to expose the truth.

If you don’t ask God, and go along with a lie, shame on you.

Look around America and the world … can you see the lies?

God set me free, I was blind, but now I see.


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