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A new breed of investors and entrepreneurs are emerging.

Nov 04, 2022

I see a new breed of investors and entrepreneurs emerging.

When you talk to them or co-labor with them, they are very different than other entrepreneurs who happen to be Christians.

These investors and entrepreneurs are driven by ...

- driven by faith in God
- driven by faith in the Bible
- driven by a specific calling for their ventures
- driven by the freedom that comes from God
- driven by the Kingdom of God

They are God's Ekklesia, a people empowered to transform nations, that is after-all, the Great Commission.

They understand that ...

- Cities are built by entrepreneurs.
- Industries are built by entrepreneurs.
- Economies are built by entrepreneurs.
- And America was built by entrepreneurs.

They believe the most powerful force on planet earth is the Ekklesia, God’s instrument for global transformation.

Are they Christian Nationalist? That's a description created by the marxist left hand-in-hand with the woke church, to disparage the power and authority God has delegated to His Ekklesia for faith and freedom.

I would call them Kingdom Globalists. They operate much like the first century Church. Most of the disciples were entrepreneurs, trained by the Holy Spirit.

There have always been entrepreneurs ... who happen to be Christians. They strive to be good people and business leaders. But other than their personal net worth, they're not transforming too much.

Can you see the difference? Welcome Kingdom Entrepreneurs.


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