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90% of founders fail because they fall into this trap.

May 29, 2024

90% of founders fail because they fall into this trap.

The wishful-thinking trap. All idea, no plan.

You've heard the saying, "all hat no cattle".

Your deck is a pitch, not a plan. You need three vetted plans.

#1 - The plan to raise VC

#2 - The plan if you get funded

#3 - The plan if you don't get funded, and God forbid, have to bootstrap.

90% of all startups fail.

Only about 0.05% of startups actually raise venture capital.

Of those that do, 70% still fail.

That's sobering.

Nail these two questions.

#1 - What's your detailed plan to land meetings with VC

#2 - What's your detailed plan to land meetings/demos with prospects

#2 - or, how will you drive traffic to your hot app? 

(As of 2024, there are approximately 900 apps on the Apple App Store that earn more than $1 million annually in revenue.)

100% of our ideas and plans start out flawed (mine included).

We have to take them through a process to make them viable. The wishful thinkers miss this.

The wishful thinkers have an idea, a product, a pitch deck — but no deep plan.

Go deep on 1, 2 and 3.

Stop the failure. Develop the plan. Let's crush it.

You're welcome. 


Need help? Reach out.  

- Gerald 

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