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5 predictable stages in hitting your revenue goals.

Aug 26, 2023

As I begin my 40th year as a faith-driven entrepreneur, I’m committed to share all that I’ve learned.

There are 5 predictable stages when it comes to hitting your revenue goals.

If you are climbing the entrepreneurial mountain, most founders will go through these 5 predictable stages before they hit 1M in annual revenue. They will continue to rotate through these stages between revenue goals as they reinvent themselves along the way.

#1 - The Idea

#2 - The Planning

#3 - The Launch

#4 - The Obstacles

#5 - The Dead Ends

>> Less than 9% will hit the 1M annual mark.

>> It’s common for ventures to get stuck around 2M.

>> Less than 4% of the 9% will reach the 10M mark.

>> Fact: What takes you to 2M won’t take you to 10M.

Goal - 1M
Goal - 2M
Goal - 10M
Goal - 50M
Goal - 100M

I tend to break everything down into Plans and Steps.

What if there was a way to guarantee that your plans and steps were successful? What if it requires that you have to change your way of thinking and doing?

Would you?

There is a way. When you learn to co-create with God in business and then commit your plans and steps to Him, He promises to establish (make successful) your plans and steps.

This is a no-brainer!

Though the journey is guaranteed to be full of peaks and valleys, God’s success is guaranteed. It’s His promise.

In fact when it comes to building wealth, the ability and power comes directly from God.

This partnership with God is an open invitation to all followers of Jesus Christ. It requires that you become full of faith and spirit-filled.

The Holy Spirit who knows everything, promises to teach you all things. Understanding these predictable stages will result in bulldog faith and perseverance.

While pivoting is always part of the journey, there is no Plan B or no such thing as throwing in the towel when things get impossible looking.

If you want to learn more about connecting the dots between business, purpose, success and faith, come on over to our next virtual call on zoom. We call it church for entrepreneurs, it’s every Thursday at 10a PST/MST.

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