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There's a 90% chance you'll fail

Nov 25, 2022

If your venture gets funded, there's a 90% chance you'll fail.

That's the industry statistics.

Secular VC and PE like to bet on the racehorse they think will win, place or show.

And if most fail, that's an acceptable casualty. They make the ROI on 1 in 10.

Think FTX or Theranos. Ha!

Yet they like to think they can pick the winners.

But it's only God that picks the winners. And He often chooses the nobodies to confound the elites.

If you are a faith-driven entrepreneur who understands God's call on your life and the Kingdom assignment of your venture, failure should be rare.


Because God has never created a plan to fail.

As entrepreneurs, we will all experience momentary failure, where we learn what doesn't work, that should become our manure for growth.

When I look at the reason why most ventures fail, it's due to lack of product-market fit which is do to a lack of investor readiness.

I don't accept the 90% failure rate. This is always totally preventable.

It's why we launched CanaGlobal in 2016, to equip and fund Kingdom entrepreneurs

We are the believers behind the believers.


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