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We are equipping a new breed of Kingdom-Minded Entrepreneurs who are full of the Holy Spirit and filled with Faith.

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A greenhouse incubator for revenue performance, profitability and acceleration.

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Digital academies for faith, calling, rev-ops, and investor readiness.

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A weekly online meetup for founders driven by faith, gearing up for extraordinary success.

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Our Story Has A Miraculous Beginning!

Cana is the location in the Bible where Jesus performed His first miracle — transforming ordinary water into iconic wine. CanaGlobal is a Kingdom ecosystem where investors and founders co-create to build iconic startups.

We were birthed out of a faith and freedom movement to transform the marketplace with the Kingdom of God. Today we are mobilizing Godly wisdom, startup expertise, and capital into disruptive ventures and their maverick founders.

Unleashing the resources of God, at scale.

CG Ecosystem
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Unveiling The Mavericks:

Our Top Three Kingdom Ventures


At CanaGlobal, we continually surround ourselves with the best and brightest in the entrepreneurial world, forming a nexus of innovation and impact. While we have been blessed with an array of ventures sailing with us, there are a few remarkable ones sailing alongside, charting a parallel course toward unchartered territories. We are thrilled to introduce three Kingdom Ventures, spearheaded by maverick founders who are not part of our venture studio, yet exemplify audacity and excellence in their domains.


Connecting the next generation with the first Christian metaverse.

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Let BibleLines help you understand God's plan for your venture. It will change your results.
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Home On

A trailblazer in the home services industry, fixing homes – and transforming lives.

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