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We are equipping a new breed of Kingdom-Minded Entrepreneurs who are full of the Holy Spirit and filled with Faith.

The World's First Faith-Driven Venture Studio

Founded in 2016, CanaGlobal revolutionized the venture landscape by becoming the world's first faith-driven venture studio. At the heart of our mission lies the blend of divine inspiration and astute business acumen.

Gerald Duran, Founder | Managing Partner

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Elevate Incubator

Elevate boosts startups to $2M in revenue with a RevOps and investor readiness strategy.

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Entrepreneur School

Digital academies for faith, calling, rev-ops, and investor readiness.

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Church For Entrepreneurs

A weekly online meetup for founders driven by faith, gearing up for extraordinary success.

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Our Story Has A Miraculous Beginning!

Cana is the location in the Bible where Jesus performed His first miracle — transforming ordinary water into iconic wine. CanaGlobal is a Kingdom ecosystem where investors and founders co-create to build iconic startups.

We were birthed out of a faith and freedom movement to transform the marketplace with the Kingdom of God. Today we are mobilizing Godly wisdom, startup expertise, and capital into disruptive ventures and their maverick founders.

Unleashing the resources of God, at scale.

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Apr 18, 2024

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Apr 17, 2024

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Apr 16, 2024

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Unveiling The Mavericks

At CanaGlobal, we constantly immerse ourselves in an environment filled with the most talented and innovative minds in entrepreneurship, creating a hub of creativity and influence. We've been fortunate to collaborate with a wide range of ventures, and among them, there are some outstanding ones navigating in tandem, exploring new and uncharted paths.

We're excited to present some Kingdom-Minded Ventures, led by visionary founders who demonstrate remarkable boldness and excellence in their respective fields.

Featuring Home On.

One of Our Favorite Kingdom-Driven Ventures


Discover Home ON, a trailblazing venture in the CanaGlobal ecosystem, where home improvement transcends traditional boundaries to embrace Christian discipleship. Home ON uniquely trains their sales representatives in both RevOps and Kingdom discipleship, setting a new standard in the industry by merging high-quality home renovation services with the faith mission of spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

At CanaGlobal, we're proud to spotlight Home ON as an exemplary Kingdom-Minded venture. Their dedication to transforming physical spaces while nurturing spiritual growth aligns perfectly with our vision of integrating business excellence with the core values of our faith. Join us in celebrating the innovative spirit of Home ON – where every renovation project is a step towards fulfilling the Great Commission.

Transforming Homes and People.

An audacious co-mission about restoration, renewal, and revival.

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Featuring GenHead.

When AI and SI (Spiritual Intelligence) connect.


Meet GenHead, a fast growing startup led by faith-driven entrepreneur Pat Riley.

GenHead's an AI-driven sales funnel that's ahead of its time blending cutting-edge technology with interactive strategies to generate high-quality leads that effectively sell themselves.

Leveraging artificial intelligence to identify potential leads, followed by the use of marketing automation to refine these leads into prospects ready to make a purchase, before ultimately handing them off to our clients to finalize sales. Their comprehensive suite of services is encapsulated within their SaaS CRM platform, Gensuite.

GenHead is simply brilliant, an AI solution inspired by true SI.


The AI Powered Sales Funnel Of The Future

Bringing the power of AI to help businesses of all sizes grow, faster.

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Featuring BibleLines.

Another Kingdom Venture Launch


Meet BibleLines, more than a Bible app! 

We are excited to announce a significant milestone for our partner venture, BibleLines. They have launched their innovative AI-powered Bible app, which is now available on the App Store, with the Android version coming soon!

Perch Voskerchian, the Co-Founder of BibleLines, says, "This launch marks the beginning of a new chapter for our small, early-stage startup. When we started, it seemed impossible to bootstrap without any external funding. But now, having launched on the App Store and gained over 500 users in less than a week, we are reminded once again that what seems impossible for us is possible with our Almighty God."


BibleLines: More than a Bible App.

Your beloved Bible teachers between the lines of your Bible.

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