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The (non-woke) faith ecosystem for entrepreneurs — equipping bootstrappers & startup founders seeking VC.

Our Story Has A Miraculous Beginning!

Cana is the location in the Bible where Jesus performed His first miracle — transforming ordinary water into iconic wine. CanaGlobal is a Kingdom ecosystem where investors and founders co-create to build iconic startups.

We were birthed out of a faith and freedom movement to transform the marketplace with the Kingdom of God. Today we are mobilizing Godly wisdom, startup expertise, and capital into disruptive ventures and their maverick founders.

Unleashing the resources of God, at scale.

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Elevate Incubator

For new entrepreneurs, from bootstrappers to founders seeking VC.

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Entrepreneur School

A series of free digital courses for faith-driven founders.

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Church For Entrepreneurs

Our weekly online meetup for faith-driven founders, our partners, and investors.

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The World's First Faith-Driven Venture Studio


In 2016, we revolutionized the venture landscape by becoming the world's first faith-driven venture studio. At the heart of our mission lies the blend of divine inspiration and astute business mentorship.

For established ventures with over $2M in existing revenue. 


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May 17, 2024

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May 16, 2024

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