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Unite pastors, the workforce, and entrepreneurs into one common vision, marketplace transformation.

Acts 2:42-47

A Faith Ecosystem In The Marketplace


Give your community access to our HPMP and FSEA CoLabs.

In-Person Groups

Lead a network of HPMP in-person study group leaders.

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Entrepreneur Zones

Work with pastors to develop church entrepreneur zones.

Awakened Into Your Marketplace Calling.

It's Your Great Commission.


Rebuild The Church - Whether you are part of the global workforce or an entrepreneur, if you are a follower of Jesus, you are His disciple. And a disciple — disciples. Regardless of your pedigree or qualifications, this makes you God's marketplace minister, co-equal with a pulpit minister.

Restore Nations - God loves the entire world and all the people in it. Our marching orders are to disciple nations with the marketplace being the heartbeat of every city and nation. Our mission is to transform the marketplace with The Kingdom of God.