America's Success Tour

Where The Marketplace Discovers Their Calling

One in Five Americans Wants the Church's Direction in Their Vocational Well-Being 


America's Success Tour is a marketplace event held at our partner churches. We are inviting the local entrepreneurial and workforce community to an event designed to activate people into discovering their marketplace calling. Because discovering one's calling doesn't need to be a solo journey.

The Event to Reach Entrepreneurs and the Workforce

America's Success Tour is the event where we invite entrepreneurs and the community workforce into your church to introduce the path their marketplace calling, and welcome them to your Church Entrepreneur Zone.

  • Fact: 70 percent of the global workforce and entrepreneurs are seeking purpose in the marketplace where they will spend 100,000 hours of their lives working. 70 percent of the global workforce desire to become self-employed ... an entrepreneur. Let's be the solution!

We are partnering with churches across America to launch church entrepreneur zones with America's Success Tour as the kickoff business community welcome event.

Church Entrepreneur Zones


Community access to our purpose and entrepreneurial CoLabs.

Purpose Groups

Lead a network of HisPlan MyPlan purpose study groups.

Dinner Groups

Lead a network of marketplace dinner groups.


Develop a purpose-driven community workspace at your church.

Let's Awaken The Marketplace Into Their Calling.

Transform The MarketplaceRestore Nations. It's Our Great Commission.

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